Jennifer Wu



Jenn HeadshotJennifer Wu is our PEAK Performing Company Director and Administrative Assistant. She was born in New York and moved to California when she was 10 years old. She was a competitive dancer as a child and went to many competitions and conventions all over California. When she was 14 she started teaching dance to the younger dancers at her studio. Eventually she started working with the older dancers and taking them to competitions. After she retired from teaching dance she worked as a Preschool Teacher around California.


In 2001 she got married to her husband Philip and in 2003 they welcomed their first child James. When James was born Jennifer became a stay at home mom. In 2005 they welcomed their second child Brandon, followed by Allyson in 2007 and Samantha in 2010. She got back into the dance world in 2009 when James started taking hip hop classes. He was followed by Allyson the next year and the rest is history. Now James, Allyson and Samantha are all part of the PEAK Performing Company. If you ever wanted to know anything about the competition world or being a dance mom she is the person to seek out!